The short abundant season of the boreal zone pushed our ancestors to use dehydration to preserve their harvest surplus in order to continue eating the fruit of the land all year round. Drawing on their example, we seek to reduce the contemporary problem of systemic food waste in Canada by reducing food waste at the source through the dehydration of harvest surplus, as well as by popularizing the use of dehydrated local produce through complete, easy-to-cook meal kits. 

After 5 years working on the development of Lufa Farms, Jonathan Dumas founded Dunord to fill an important need in his life: a quick and affordable meal solution that did not compromise his environmental values ​​and nutritional needs. In addition, his passion for local cuisine pushed him to include at least one wild ingredient from the forests of Quebec in the original products. Motivated by the need for concrete solutions to the problem of food waste and by the needs of his community for affordable convenience, he leads Dunord towards the goal of reducing food waste in Quebec in two concrete steps:

1) Popularize the consumption of dehydrated meals in order to reduce the 17% of waste currently happening in Quebec homes.

2) Rescue the 5% of Quebec vegetables that are left in the fields in order to dehydrate them and integrate them into our recipes.