Le problème du gaspillage alimentaire

The problem of food waste

In Canada, 58% of food produced is wasted (Second Harvest, 2019). This represents 56,500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Second Harvest's detailed report demonstrates that the issue of food waste is not only caused at one step of the supply chain, but rather throughout the entire chain starting from the fields to our plates. 

Although many projects address waste at one stage or another of the supply chain, it is clear that we are facing a systemic problem in Canada. This challenge is rooted in a simple fact: the foods we love tend to expire rather quickly. 

What if we enjoyed products that don't expire? 

This is the ambition that we cultivate at Dunord with our plant-based meal kits made from dehydrated ingredients. Not only does dehydration allow food to have a very long shelf life (more than a year), but it also allows local farm or distributor surplus to be rescued and preserved for consumption out of season.

Source: Second Harvest, “ The Avoidable Crisis of Food waste ”, 2019

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